First Holy Communion

We will have first holy communion mass on the following dates. All the masses will take place in the main church. The students, parents, and godparents are requested to arrive at 10:30 AM and be seated in the church. Due to the COVID restrictions, all are required to wear a face mask and follow the social distancing protocols.

If you have any question regarding the time & date, please contact Mrs. Monica Razo at (516) 489-3675

11:00 AMSaturday, April 24Student siblings with different Catechists
11:00 AMSaturday, May 1Students of Ms. Emely Arias and Mrs. Gregoria Urena
11:00 AMSaturday, May 8Students of Mr. & Mrs. Arias and Ms. Stephanie Ramos & Ms. Rosa
11:00 AMSaturday, May 15Students of Ms. Jennifer Jimenez and Mrs. Carmen García
11:00 AMSaturday, May 22Students of Ms. Daniella Ramos and Mrs. Claudia Jeremiah
11:00 AMSaturday, June 5Students of Ms. Karen Canales and Mrs. Bell
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