It is a time honored Catholic tradition to have Masses said for a particular person and to provide Mass Cards to comfort relatives, friends and loved ones. We do this because our Catholic faith is centered on Mass and the Eucharist is where we come together for healing, forgiveness, and renewal in Christ. Very often the family members will make it a point to attend the liturgy for their loved one.

From the very beginnings of the Church, it was customary for the faithful to donate the bread and wine to be used in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. In time, offerings of money were substituted for the actual bread and wine. Money given in excess of what was necessary for the procuring of the bread and wine was used to assist the poor and, eventually, to support the clergy. Thus, it became customary for the priest to accept a “stipend” from the faithful in return for remembering a specific intention in the celebration of a Mass.

All Mass Intentions are voluntary offerings, since the Holy Eucharist is the universal prayer of all the church. The typical offering is ten dollars. The Code of Canon Law notes that the petitioner also benefits:

“Christ’s faithful who make an offering so that Mass can be celebrated for their intention contribute to the good of the Church, and by that offering they share in the Church’s concern for the support of its ministers and its activities”

Canon 946

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To request a Mass Intention at Our Lady of the Loretto please read the guidelines listed below and then either

  • Visit the office in person
  • Call the office at 516-489-3675
  • Email the office at
  • Fill out the online form available in the next tab

Mass Intentions can be requested for the living or for the deceased. When you request a Mass Intention at Our Lady of Loretto, you may also receive a Mass Card to send to comfort relatives, friends and loved ones. We are happy to mail the Mass Card directly to the person, if living, for whose intention the Mass will be offered, or to a family member of the deceased. You can also mail the card for the person yourself.

A Mass intention may be set for:

  1. A deceased loved one
  2. A living person who is sick or suffering
  3. A living person who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special moment in their life
  4. In thanksgiving to God (including the Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit)
  5. In thanksgiving for a prayer from a Blessed or a Saint
  6. For a prayer intention (so long as the intention does not contradict Church teaching)

A Mass intention may not be set for:

  1. A unknown or “private” intention
  2. A prayer intention that contradicts Catholic moral doctrine

Please be aware, Mass Intentions are subject to change due to priest schedules.

The request for the mass intentions should be made two weeks in advance to the mass date for it to appear in the parish bulletin. We will accept mass intention requests which do not comply with the two week window. However, it is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that the priest is informed of the intention prior to the celebration of mass by showing the Mass card. Please contact the parish office if you have additional questions.

Please click here to read the instructions to request the mass intentions online

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