September 12, 2023 7:00 pm

Today we celebrate – The Feast Day of the Holy Name of Mary

In 1587, Pope Sixtus V moved the feast day to September 17. In 1622, Pope Gregory XV expanded the feast to the Archdiocese of Toledo, and in 1671, the entire kingdom of Spain was included.

But in the year 1683, this feast day was inserted into the Roman Calendar. That was when Pope Innocent XI made it a feast everywhere in the Catholic world. The feast was designated to be celebrated on September 12, four days after the birthday of Our Lady.


Because of what’s known as the Battle of Vienna, recognized as a turning point in history and the end of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe.

In 1683, the army of the Ottoman Empire had marched through Hungary. Now on Austria’s border, it was preparing to vanquish Vienna. The papal nuncio and King Leopold of Austria pleaded with King Jan Sobieski of Poland to help them stop the invading Ottomans. King Sobieski immediately agreed to help. He had beaten back the invaders a few years before, and although the army he commanded was small, he was undeterred.

On his march to Austria, King Sobieski and his army passed by the Shrine to Our Lady of Czestochowa. The King pleaded with the Blessed Mother by invoking her name. He asked for her blessing and intercession.

Mary always points us to God, reminding us of God’s infinite goodness. She helps us to open our hearts to God’s ways, wherever those may lead us. Honored under the title “Queen of Peace,” Mary encourages us to cooperate with Jesus in building a peace based on justice, a peace that respects the fundamental human rights of all peoples.

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