Sunday Mass Dressing for Confirmation Students

Mass Dress

Parents/guardians are responsible for discussing with their children the kind and type of clothing that is considered appropriate to wear in a church setting. Clothing that is too revealing (e.g., clothing that exposes undergarments or the midriff) is inappropriate in a church setting.

Students and families should exercise good judgment regarding appropriate school clothing. Our Lady of Loretto Church – Religious Education Coordinators will determine what constitutes appropriate attire in order to maintain an appropriate church environment. Our Lady of Loretto Church prohibits any attire, garments or accessories that cause issues of health, safety, cleanliness and disruption or disorder within the church property.

Administrators will determine what constitutes appropriate attire and may require a student to change or cover up as necessary and appropriate.

What to wear?
Dress pants, Dress shoes and socks, belt, collared shirt, sweaters are encouraged.

Khaki pants, polo shirt are allowed
Nice dress pants and shirt/blouse (or) Skirt (of modest length – knee or longer) and shirt/blouse (or) Dress of modest style and length.
What not to wear?

Boys and girls

No sweatpants, No shorts, No t-shirts, No sweatshirts with hoodies, No flip-flop sandals, No crocs No beach attire.

Back, shoulders, midriffs, and undergarments should be covered

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