Celebration of the Lord of Esquipulas

On January 15, 2023, we had the grand celebration of the Lord of Esquipulas as we united with our brothers and sisters from Guatemala. The Guatemalan community prepared themselves well to be able to share and celebrate together the miracles of the Christ of Esquipulas. They began the celebration with a eucharistic Thursday giving all honor and glory to the Crucified Christ. On Saturday January 14 they began the day with a serenata to the black Christ. It was a Saturday of contemplation to the Lord of Esquipulas, where many people, not only from our brothers from Guatemala, but many other members of our parish were present to appreciate the greatness and at the same time to give thanks for a miracle received. The beauty of this is to see how a whole community with a variety of countries and cultures unite together in spirit of gratitude. Our brothers from Guatemala culminated with a solemn Mass on Sunday 15, 2023. After some of the morning masses they had a bit of live Marimba where many people started to dance a little, perhaps with nostalgic memories from their country. We thank our parishioners of Guatemala who every year make us love their culture a little more and, above all, thanks for giving us the opportunity to embrace the same faith together.

The Lord of the Esquipulas
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