Day Camp for Kids and Teens held in Parish

The parish in collaboration with Idente Youth held a week long day camp for teens (Grades 8-12) and kids (Grades 3-7) from Monday, July 26 to Saturday, July 31. The teens were counselors for the 3 days (Tuesday, July 27 to Thursday, July 29) that the kids were in attendance. The camp activities included seminar, workshops, sports & games, arts & craft, and movie time. The theme of the camp was taken from Pope Francis’s year 2015 address to the young people in Cuba: Don’t bend or yield; open up. Open up and dream!

Don’t bend or yield; open up. Open up and dream! Dream that with you the world can be different. Dream that if you give your best, you are going to help make this world a different place. Don’t forget to dream! If you get carried away and dream too much, life will cut you short. It makes no difference; dream anyway, and share your dreams. Talk about the great things you wish for, because the greater your ability to dream, the farther you will have gone; even if life cuts you short half way, you will still have gone a great distance. So, first of all, dream!

Pope Francis, Address of his holiness Pope Francis to students in Cuba, Havana, Sunday, 20 September 2015

Video from the DAY CAMP 2021
Video from the DAY CAMP 2021

Photos from the DAY CAMP 2021

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