First Holy Communion Students Receive Baptism

On February the 6th, with great joy our parish celebrated the baptism of 7 students who are also preparing for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  They are Valery S. Deras-Lemus, Claudia V. Lozano, Ahtziri Hernandez-Peña, Darwin A. Campos-Benitez, Eddie Y, Alvarado Rios, John Carlo Figueroa-Serrano, Jake A. Cruz-Chavez,  We welcome these newly baptized sons and daughters of God and ask you to join in prayer so the light of Christ they received may always shine brightly in their lives.  We pray that their parents and Godparents always open their hearts to our Heavenly Father so they may guide their children on the path of faith and love of God.

Baptism of First Holy Communion Students
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