Motus Christi Young Adult One-Day Retreat

The Idente Missionaries organized a one-day Motus Christi retreat on Saturday, February 25, 2023 for young adults at the Divine Mercy Chapel of Our Lady of Loretto Church in Hempstead, NY. Around forty young men and women from New York City, Bronx, and Long Island attended the retreat. We had two talks for the day: first, was about “Christian life being the greatest adventure” by Fr. Roland Pereira, M.Id and the second was on “Filial Consciousness,” by Sr. Yerania Galvez, M.Id. Since, this year, the Idente Missionaries celebrate the centennial year of the birth of their founder Fernando Rielo, some anecdotes from his life were shared during the talks. Two young adults – James Keating and Rebeca Zuniga – shared their testimony during the retreat.

After lunch, Sonya Titus from the World Youth Dance Crew taught the young people some dance steps from the World Youth Day 2023 theme song. This got a number of people out of their comfort zone and had them energized for the rest of the afternoon. Bro. Jonathan Ibarra, M.Id and Sr. Yerania shared their faith journey and the grace of the Idente charism in their lives. We ended the retreat with mass, celebrated by Fr. Roland, and homily by Deacon Michael Nam, M.Id. The other Idente Missionaries facilitating this retreat were Bro. Loyce, Sr. Nathalie, and Bro. Joseph.

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