The Christian Family Movement of Loretto Organizes “Theater Week”

The theater week was inagurated on Sunday, March 4, 2023, with Holy Mass. Monday was the opening day with the theme of “The family in the world of yesterday and today.” Each of the performances were based on the current needs of our families. The idea of having a week of theater for the first time was to evangelize the families through the different skits that they were able to watch each day. Each performance had a common thread which emphasized the current problems of the families, and tied that to the absence of God in our lives and in our homes.

It was a very unique experience, since each of the performances were created, developed, and performed by the families of the Christian Family Movement. Without a doubt it was a challenge to carry out this activity because most of them are young families with children. We could see the great effort they put in to make their children part of each of the acts. All the children from the oldest to the tiny toddlers were part of this theatrical week of evangelization.

We must help families to walk in a way that responds to their vocation and mission, aware of the beauty of the bonds and their foundation in the love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When the family lives under the sign of this divine Communion then it becomes a living word of God-Love, spoken to the world and for the world. The family is the way by which the language of love is transmitted, which gives meaning to life and to the human quality of every relationship. So let us support the family! Let us defend it from everything that compromises its beauty and let us commit ourselves to continue instilling the beauty of faith, the need for values and the importance of Christian morality. We need each of these virtues to live and live well, to make humanity simpler but full of fraternal love.

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