Valter Guerra Receives Recognition from Nassau County

Message from the Pastor

Friends, today is about recognition, out of justice and gratitude. Last Monday in Nassau County, at an official ceremony, our friend Valter Guerra was awarded with an award of recognition for his significant contribution to improving the lives of our county and its residents.

The award says: “The County of Nassau is proud to recognize those outstanding individuals who render significant contribution for the enhancement of our region and the betterment of our residents; and Valter Guerra, is such and individual.

Because you have worked diligently on behalf of causes and ideals which uphold the principles of human decency, and through the years, you have demonstrate a selfless commitment to the County of Nassau and its residents that warrants attention and gratitude.

The County of Nassau is proud to extend this commendation to you, Valter Guerra, as you are honored with the Community Advocate Award for your spirited leadership, dedication and service to the community.”

We too are proud of you, Valter, and we thank God for your life . Trusting God, we ask him to protect, inspire and bless you continuously.

Fr. Felipe

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