Via Crucis Returns to the Streets of Hempstead

The Way of the Cross consists of spiritually walking the path that Jesus made to Mount Calvary while carrying the Cross, as well as the opportunity to interiorize his suffering.

“Via Crucis” means in Latin “The Way of the Cross”. This journey is composed of 14 stations that represent certain scenes of the Passion, corresponding to a particular incident or the special form of devotion related to such representations.

Every year, the parishioners of Our Lady of Loretto lead by the hispanic young adult group Nuevo Amanecer enact the Via Crusis on the streets around the church. This has not been possible for the last two years because of the COVID restrictions. This year with the easing of the restrictions, we were able to resume this tradition of our parish. Thousands of people participated in this years way of the cross celebration. We are grateful to the many young people from Nuevo Amanecer for their creativity, generosity, and hard-work.

Via Crucis 2022
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