Blessing of Animals in honor of St. Francis

On Sunday, October 9th at 4pm, we had the blessing of animals in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis was raised in a wealthy and permissive merchant family, the young Francis enjoyed a life of partying and sought earthly glory as a knight on the battlefield. A strange dream on his way to the Fourth Crusade set his life on a different path, however, and as he grew closer to God through prayer and sacrifice, Francis renounced his life of pleasure to beg and preach instead.

“My brother and sister birds, you should praise your Creator and always love him: He gave you feathers for clothes, wings to fly and all other things that you need. It is God who made you noble among all creatures, making your home in thin, pure air. Without sowing or reaping, you receive God’s guidance and protection.”

— St. Francis of Assisi

Photos from the Blessing of Animals 2022
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