Young Adults have a Paint Nite

On Sunday, April 24, the members of the World Youth Parliament hosted their first ever paint night for young adults. Over twenty young people attended this event. Anthony Martinez, a confirmation catechist and an active young adult at the parish, guided the participants in painting a beautiful art piece on the canvas. Everyone had an awesome time.

What is Paint Nite?

It’s a place for you to unleash your inner artist and create your own painting, while also enjoying food, drink, and excellent company. They are a fun way to relax and spend time with friends, plus you take home a piece of art that you created. Just bring your enthusiasm, no artistic talent or supplies are needed!

What is the World Youth Parliament?

The World Youth Parliament (WYP) consists of creating a forum where young people, whatever their ideology, culture, or social condition might be, can come together to discuss issues that concern them and manifest their conclusion in such way that their voice may be heard worldwide.

Paint Nite – April 24, 2022

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